Student Computer Policy

Student Computer Policy

The use of Saint Anne’s computer resources is a privilege.  Students must be aware that it is their responsibility to use available technology in an appropriate manner. In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2001, filtering through a proxy server is in place to protect the students from inappropriate material on the Internet.  It is expected that all individuals utilizing Saint Anne’s computers and networks will be responsible for their actions and words and will, furthermore, respect the rights and privileges of all network users.  Students need to familiarize themselves with these responsibilities.  Failure to adhere to them may result in the loss of network and/or computer privileges, suspension, dismissal or legal action.  Any use of the Saint Anne’s School name or logo on paper, websites, videos or email is prohibited unless approval is granted by Saint Anne’s School.

· Independent email accounts and instant messaging are prohibited.

· Students will treat all hardware with the highest degree of care and caution.

· Students will print only important information. Students will not print anything containing objectionable language or graphics.

· Use of computers for approved class work has priority over other uses.

Each student will be required to sign a Student Technology and Behavior Policy form indicating that he/she has read each policy and agrees to abide by their provisions.

 The regulations that appear in this handbook are promulgated to help cover any of the many possible occurrences in the behavior of students in an N-8 elementary school. It is important to recognize that no handbook can cover all situations or occurrences.  This handbook in no way indicates that these behaviors have occurred or are a challenge within the school community.  The school administration and the pastor believe that students and parents must be clear on what is expected of students on all age levels and at all times.  It is in this clarity that a school can function professionally and not in any arbitrary and capricious manner.

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