Dress Code

Only approved uniforms may be worn in school.
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Please refer to the Uniform Information link above for detailed information on the required uniform. Only approved uniforms may be worn in school.
All shirts must be tucked inside the uniform at all times.

Parents have the responsibility to see that their children adhere to the uniform requirements and that their children are always clean and presentable. This is a valuable learning opportunity for the child as he/she prepares for the future.

Students are permitted to wear sneakers only on the day that they have gym class.

For safety reasons dangling earrings and hoop earrings (larger than a nickel) are not permitted on girls. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. Only one small necklace and/or bracelet is permitted for girls. Hairstyles may not be distracting. Boy’s hair cannot touch the collar of their shirt. No makeup, heavy chains, dyed hair or colored nail polish is permitted.

The school gym uniform consists of a gym shirt and shorts, white socks and sneakers.
Gym uniforms with the uniform sweat suit or uniform warm-up suit may be worn to school on gym days, instead of the school uniform. Shorts and T-shirts are to be worn under the sweat suit. Only the gym uniform navy blue shorts are permitted.

Since it is school policy to recreate out-of-doors on any day when there is no precipitation or when temperatures are not below freezing, it is important for children to come to school dressed according to the demands of the season . Recreation will be held outdoors at recess time and is important for the health of the child.

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