8th Grade Spanish Señora Faulkner

¡Hola, Bienvenidos a La Clase de Español!

We are currently working on:
- the verbs ser and estar
- "the family" vocabulary 
- reading comprehension, writing
**Great job on your "La Familia" writing assignments!**

"Los Parientes" sentence corrections due Tuesday
Ser drill due class B (second class of the week)
Estar drill due class C (third class of the week)

Test Friday:
- family vocabulary words
- conjugating ser and estar
- colors/numbers/time

Check out the CLASS NOTES tab for
- "Ser or Estar?" Power point
- "La Familia" Vocabulary List
- "Mi Familia" assignment
- Additional copies of blank family trees
- "Los Parientes de Don Fernando"

EXTRA HELP is offered every Tuesday before school and at recess.  If there is an indoor recess, please look for me in a 6th grade classroom.  I am happy to set up additional study sessions!  

**Making flashcards at home is a great way to study new words and is highly recommended ☺

  Thank you all for the warm welcome!  I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a mother of two lovely children, 12 and 8.  We love to play games and ride bikes!  I graduated from Molloy College cum laude with a degree in both Spanish and Education.  During my time there, I participated in a study abroad program at La Universidad de León, Spain.  I love to read, travel, and do math problems.  I am very happy to share my love of the Spanish language and culture with you all! 

Feel free to contact me at JFaulkner@StAnnesgcschool.org