7th Grade Spanish Señora Faulkner

¡Hola, Bienvenidos a La Clase de Español!

We are currently working on:
- cognates
- Singular and Plural Definite Articles
- Simple sentence construction

Use each vocabulary word (found on the Chapter 1
Vocabulary List review sheet) in a sentence.  
Then rewrite the sentences using the plural form of each word.

Test Friday:
Singular & Plural Definite Articles
Study the vocabulary on your review sheet.  
(A copy can be found in CLASS NOTES.)  
***We will have a study session on Tuesday during recess***

**Making flashcards at home is a great way to study new words and is highly recommended ☺

Check out the CLASS NOTES tab for
- Chapter 1 Vocabulary List Review Sheet
 - "Los Numeros" Chart
- "Math" Vocabulary List
- "Los colores" Vocabulary List
- "La Hora" Power point (to review the basics of telling time)

EXTRA HELP is offered every Tuesday before school and at recess.  If there is an indoor recess, please look for me in a 6th grade classroom.  I am happy to set up additional study sessions!  Feel free to set one up!

  Thank you all for the warm welcome!  I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I am a mother of two lovely children, 12 and 8.  We love to play games and ride bikes!  I graduated from Molloy College cum laude with a degree in both Spanish and Education.  During my time there, I participated in a study abroad program at La Universidad de León, Spain.  I love to read, travel, and do math problems.  I am very happy to share my love of the Spanish language and culture with you all! 

Feel free to contact me at JFaulkner@StAnnesgcschool.org