7th Grade Spanish Señora Faulkner

¡Hola, bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Attention students: Please visit the "Class Notes" section of this site to access classroom resources by clicking on the tab located at the left of the screen.  Also, scroll down for more information regarding Footsteps.

The 7th grade is doing an amazing job learning how to conjugate infinitive verbs!  Topics covered so far include:

- identifying the subject and verb of a sentence
- pluralizing nouns
- definite and indefinite articles
- article / noun / adjective agreement
- subject pronouns
- "ar" verb family conjugation
- cognate, family, classroom, and activity vocabulary
- Catholic and cultural traditions celebrated throughout the
Spanish speaking world

We recently watched and discussed
"Footsteps: the path of your life,"
a documentary which chronicles a pilgrimage to
Santiago de Compostella, Spain.  It is available on Netflix and our discussion questions can be found in "Class Notes".

*Making flashcards at home is a great way to study new words*

  ☺Extra help is offered during recess on Mondays through Thursdays by appointment.  Feel free to set up study sessions!

Feel free to contact me at JFaulkner@StAnnesgcschool.org