Elizabeth Hegarty
Welcome to Mrs. Hegarty and Ms. Allen's Pre-K Class! 
School is now in full swing and we are busy exploring new things in our classroom!  Here are some important things to remember as you get ready for school each day:
Our AM class meets from 8:30 until 11:00 every day and our PM class meets from 12 until 2:30. Please try to arrive at school on time and pick up on time.  It is stressful for your child to arrive late and also disrupts the order of our day.  Picking up late is also stressful for your child.

- Each day your child should come to school with a folder, a simple snack and a backpack.  Folders are so helpful for sending home projects and important communication between home and school.

-When getting ready to come be sure that your child is wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.  We try to go outside every day that we can and even on days where the weather is not great we do movement activities inside.  Also please be sure that your child is wearing clothes that he/she can put back on after using the restroom.  Belts and fancy clothes may look great however they are sometimes hard for little fingers to work.

-Please remember that our school is peanut sensitive - so please do not send peanut products in for snack.