Elizabeth Hegarty
Welcome to Mrs. Hegarty and Ms. Allen's Pre-K Class! 
Our Pre-K Class is an exciting place!
Following a snow day on Monday our theme for the week was Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.  We had fun learning about rhyming words, opposites and how words form a sentence.  We created our own versions of foods to serve with green eggs and are writing our very own books using the "at" family of words!  Ash Wednesday was a special day in our classroom as we learned about Lent and received ashes.  Be sure to check out the photo album by clicking the Pre-K Pictures section to see awesome pictures of our excited faces as many of us received ashes for the first time!  Friday was "freaky Friday" - complete with mixed up centers, crazy outfits and a crazy schedule!

Be sure to read our weekly summary for a more detailed description of this weeks fun activities!  It can be found under the " Pre-K News" section.

Each day we are checking on our hibernating bear Bradley. Our "hibernation specialist" for the day decides which of the vocabulary words that we learned from reading The Napping House is best to complete our sentence "Bear is _______".  The choices are "sleeping", "dreaming", "snoring", "dozing", "snoozing" and "slumbering".  We also are practicing describing what we see each day as we take turns telling the class something that we observed when looking at the cave! 

   To get a glimpse of the happenings in Room 7 click on "Photo Gallery" and check out the AM or PM class album.  If you scroll to the end of the page on the album you can click on "slide show" and see all of the pictures!  We are still adding more pictures as the month progresses so be sure to check back again!  Exciting things are always happening in Room 7!  For a detailed summary of what is happening in our class go to "Pre-K News" and upload our most recent edition of "This Week In Pre-K"!

Here are some important things to remember as you get ready for school each day:

Our AM class meets from 8:30 until 11:00 every day and our PM class meets from 12 until 2:30. 

- Each day your child should come to school with a folder, a simple snack and a backpack.  Folders are so helpful for sending home projects and important communication between home and school.

-When getting ready to come be sure that your child is wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. 

-Please remember that our school is peanut sensitive - so please do not send peanut products in for snack.  

Mrs. Hegarty can be reached via email:  EHegarty@stannesgcschool.org