Nursery Program

St. Anne's nursery offers a unique Christian environment for three year old children. Its flexible scheduling and large blocks of time allow children the opportunity to move from one activity to another according to their needs. It encompasses a balance between activity, vigorous periods and quiet, restful times.

Our program includes caring relationships between teachers and students helping to foster a healthy self-concept. Children's needs are met through activity, sensory perception, experimentation, manipulation, and exploration. They are encouraged to socialize, to give, to take, and to share.

The nursery's age-appropriate toys and centers encourage imagination and creativity. some activities include sand, clay, blocks, puzzles, a variety of manipulative toys, and a housekeeping center. Stories, poems, singing, and dancing are all a part of the nursery world.

St. Anne's nursery offers each child space to experience the joy of learning at his or her own pace.