K-2 Mrs. McGowan - Announcements

 Week of April 10 

Curriculum Overview

Superkids Club - Unit 8-9
Letter formation - Kk (when writing, start at the top)
Initial letter-sound k/k/, short vowel sounds in initial and medial positions
Chapter 11: Measurement and Data 
Number formation (when writing, start at the top)
Social Studies/Science: 
Easter, Weather, Signs of Spring
Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father, Snack Prayer (God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food, Amen)
Sign of the Cross
The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated
Jesus Celebrates


Reminders and Announcements:

Grandparents/Special Person Day:
Tuesday, April 25th in the cafeteria from 8:20-9:00 a.m.

Kindergarten Class Trip:
Thursday, May 18th

Kindergarten Field Day
- SAVE THE DATE - June 9th at Edgemere Park. All parents are welcome (weather permitting).  **Please note - If it rains, we will be indoors and parents may not attend due to the limited space. 

Scholastic Reading Club:
In your child's folder this week are Scholastic Reading Club Orders.  To order online, go to scholastic.com/readingclub and use our class code: H73H2 to place your order.  The next order is due April 5th.  **Every dollar spent earns us free books for our classroom library!!**  

Sight Words:
Sight words are words your child should know just by sight. They do not require sounding out.  They are considered high frequency words because they appear often across various types of texts.  Sight words play a major role in the foundation for developing literacy skills.  
It is recommended that you put these words on index cards for your child to practice like flashcards at home. 

Words of the Week: what, jump, down, run, but, he, she
Sight Words We Have Learned:
make; us; all; zip; put; was; are; I; see; the; my; is; of; can; we; and; look; like; out; have; a; me; play; in; it; to; be; with; for; yes; no; little; if; on; here; said; off; you; your; went; go; had; them; they; there; this; 

Things to Know: 

Class Parents 2016-2017:
Mrs. Crimmins (Finn's mother) and Mrs. Concialdi (Matteo's mother)

Homework is posted on my calendar link. Homework should be completed in pencil.

Please send your child with an extra water bottle for after recess.

Lunch Program:

Monday lunch (pizza) and Tuesday lunch (chicken nuggets)  are a daily purchase, $2 per order.  If your child is buying lunch, please put money in an envelope or baggie labeled with your child's name, and keep it inside your child's lunchbox.  

Scholastic News -
Let's Find Out: Our class is receiving Let's Find Out, a nonfiction magazine for little learners.  Your child will have his/her own magazine to bring home each week, which will eventually coincide with the homework given on Wednesdays.  To access our magazine online go to www.scholastic.com/lfo and use our classroom password: teamcandy609.  March order is due Wednesday, 3/15.  

Red Folder:
Your child's red folder is our communication folder.  Please send ALL notes for me, HSA information, order forms, homework, etc in this folder so that it is easily accessible and can be delivered to its proper place within the building.  Please also empty your child's folder every day! Completed classwork and checked homework should be kept at home.  With your child, review the corrected work, and celebrate their accomplishments!


Monday lunch (pizza) and Tuesday lunch (chicken nuggets)  are a daily purchase, $2 per orde