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                         Kindergarten News!

Week of May 20, 2019
Superkids Club: Photo Album
Readng Comprehension
Plural ending -s
Encoding and Decoding
Ongoing practice:
  Read 20 minutes each day with your child
  Practice writing your first name (first letter - capital, all other letters - lower case)
  Review upper and lower case letters and their sounds
  Practice proper pencil grip and letter formation (start at the top!)

Addition and Subtraction
Ongoing practice:
  Identity and practice writing numbers 0-10
  Practice counting objects to ten 
  Practice proper number formation (start at the top!)

Social Studies/Science:
Science Lab 
Summertime Sense
Ongoing practice:
   Observe seasonal changes at your home and in your neighborhood
   Utilize world and USA maps when traveling or when reading references places
   Assist with holiday planning - decorating, shopping, cooking
   Chores - helps reinforce work habit skills (organization, responsibility, independence)

Blest Are We
Ongoing practice:
  Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father, Snack Prayer (God is great, God is good, let us
  thank Him for our food, Amen)
  Sign of the Cross
  The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated

Scholastic Book Club ‚Äč
Book Club Flyers will be distributed each month
May book order due May 22.
To order online, go to scholastic.com/readingclub and use our class code GTL72

Memory Words 
The Superkids reading program teaches 12 words from the Dolch list of high-frequency words (go to my Resources link to see the Dolch List). These are either not decodable or contain letter-sounds that haven't been taught during kindergarten. By the end of kindergarten, children will be able to decode or encode another 55 words from the Dolch list with the skills learned this year. The reading series does not introduce more sight words because they feel the child will be overloaded too soon with nondecodable sight words, and will not rely upon using their decoding ability. Decoding skills are critical for children to have reading success.

Class Parents 2018-19
Mrs. Nina Quackenbush and Mrs. Jamie Went

Lunch News 
The hot lunch program begins in September.  Forms for prepaid lunches and milk are are available online to print.
Hot Lunch (Mon-Thurs)
Monday - Pizza $2 per slice (please put money in an envelope or a plastic bag in your child's lunch box not in the folder or bottom of backpack.)  We take a lunch count in the morning so let your child know if they are buying pizza that day.
Tuesday - Chicken Nuggets $3 per order (please put money in an envelope or a plastic bag in your child's lunch box not in the folder or bottom of backpack.)  We take a lunch count in the morning so let your child know if they are buying chicken nuggets that day.
Wednesday - Pasta with Butter & Buttered Knot or Pasta with Tomato Sauce & Buttered Knot - Prepaid Basis Only 
Thursday - Chicken Noodle Soup, Salad, or a Wrap - Prepaid Basis Only 
Friday - Bagels: plain, butter, or cream cheese - Prepaid Basis Only
The lunchroom snack program is for grades 2-8

Homework is posted on my calendar link. Homework should be completed in pencil.

Please empty your child's folder every day!  Completed classwork and checked homework should be kept at home.  With your child, review the corrected work, and celebrate their accomplishments!

St. Anne's School is NUT FREE!
Please go to the school homepage and read our school policy

Clothing Basics
Please put your last name in jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts. In general, pullovers and zippers are easier for children rather than buttons and snaps. We are available to help your child, however, to develop their independence, you may want to select a covering that they can or will be able to master on their own. Also, many of the children take off their jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt, and the sleeves are inside out. Work with your child
to learn how to pull the sleeves so they are not inside out.

Parent Participation and Virtus Certification
In accordance with the Diocese of Rockville Centre, all parent volunteers who wish to participate in any school related events must be VIRTUS certified. Please see the school homepage for more information.