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8th Grade ELA with Mrs. DeGeorges!

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Monday, January 14
Independent and Subordinate Clauses worksheet - pages 47-48
due tomorrow

Tuesday, January 15

Wednesday, January 16
8-1 complete p. 135 Exercise B - Write the sentence and identify the subordinate clause and the independent clause.  Do not label adj, adv, or noun clause. 

Thursday, January 17

Study for Vocabulary Workshop Unit 6 Quiz - tomorrow

Friday, January 18
Vocabulary Workshop
Unit 6 Quiz - today

Monday, January 21
Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. Day
School Closed
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Tuesday, January 22

Begin taking notes on The Great Fire chapters 1-4 using one or more of the notetaking/outlining styles we reviewed in class:
bullet points
2 column (Cornell method)
Study notes may be used during Friday's quiz.

Wednesday, January 23
Catholic Daughters essay begun in class today - final copy due via google docs on Thursday, January 31

Thursday, January 24
The Great Fire chapters 1-4: Study and take notes for tomorrow's quiz.  You may use your notes during quiz. 

Friday, January 25
The Great Fire Quiz today - chapters 1-4

Cumulative Mid-Year Vocabulary Test - Tuesday February 5th - Study all words and roots from units 1-6.  Let me know if your notes are missing root words.

Speaking Assignment (Book Talk) #2 will be due beginning February 11th. Students may use a book that they have recently completed and which is appropriate for the 7th-8th grade level.  Parents, please encourage your child to finish his or her book of choice, or to use a book which they have read to completion. 
*Students attending World Youth Day are encouraged to do an evangelistic presentation about their unique experience instead.*   

Please email me at jdegeorges@stannesgcschool.org
This year, I will be holding extra help on Thursday mornings at 7:30.