8th Grade ELA Jeannine DeGeorges

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Mrs. DeGeorges
8th Grade English Language Arts
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**Capitalization 1 and 2 and CHSEE Usage #1 powerpoints are uploaded in Useful Links to the left <<<

Monday, September 18
Due tomorrow, September 19:
Vocabulary Workshop unit 1
Complete all exercises on pages 17-21
(except Writing in Action,
which we will work on next week)

Tuesday, September 19
8-2 only - due tomorrow - lay/lie worksheet

Wednesday, September 20

8-1 - due tomorrow - lay/lie worksheet

Thursday, September 21

Study CHSEE usage notes - available in "Useful Links" to the left

Friday, September 22
CHSEE Grammar #1 due Tuesday

Please email me at jdegeorges@stannesgcschool.org
This year, I will be holding extra help on Thursday mornings at 7:30.