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Happy Thanksgiving! 

Book Talk #1
Due Wednesday, November 29
 Rubric and Assignment have been distributed and are available in "Useful Links" to the left.  Please read a school-appropriate, parent-approved full-length fiction or nonfiction book of your choice.  You should begin preparing the talk at this point in time. 

Monday, November 13
1)conjunction homework worksheet - due tomorrow, Nov. 14
p. 60/61
2) Study for vocab. quiz unit 4 Friday
3) Work on Book Talk - due November 29

Tuesday, November 7
1) preposition review sheet due tomorrow
2) Work on Book Talk - due November 29

Wednesday, November 8
1) study for Friday's quiz
2) Work on Book Talk - due November 29
3) chapter 3 conjunction/preposition practice quiz has been given to students.  It is due on Monday, Nov. 20

Thursday, November 9
1)  study for tomorrow's quiz
2) Work on Book Talk - due November 29

Friday, November 17
Vocabulary Workshop unit 4 quiz TODAY
1) conjunction and preposition practice quiz due Monday, Nov. 20

UPCOMING:  Tuesday, November 21st. 
grammar chapter 3 quiz
conjunctions and prepositions only :)
Study notes, homework, notebook exercises, and practice quiz!



If you need to contact me via email, please use the following email address:  jdegeorges@stannesgcschool.org
Extra help is available Thursdays at 7:30