2-2 Patricia Owczarek

Do everything with Love!!!

Pope Francis

Welcome to 2nd grade Super Stars!
**2-2 Students - Please bring a set of Rosary beads to class each day during the month of May.
We will learn to pray the Rosary together.**

Math test chapter 11
Friday - June2

Social Studies test - Wednesday, June 7

Grade 2 Field trip
Rock Hall Museum - Tuesday, June 6

Grades 2 + 3 Field Day
Wednesday, June 14

Please refer to our homework page which is listed as a sub page beneath our calendar.


Our Class parents for this school year are:
Krisi Anderson and Lauren Loeser!!!

Our Service Initiative parents for this school year are:
Suzanne Sgroi and Nadia Vessio!!!

Our math books are online! Go to:
District: Diocese of Rockville Ctr
School:  St. Anne School
User name: mrsmerz
Password: student
Once logged in, click on my library to access both math books.

This year you will get to know Jesus better as you prepare to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist!

All Homework is listed on the homework page listed under calendar.
Click Calendar on the left side of this page then click homework under the word calendar

You can reach me at powczarek@stannesgcschool.org

My goals for the year are:

1.  To prepare the children for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist.
2.  To assist the children to  become avid readers and great writers.
3. To give the children the skills to become proficient in math.
4.  To foster a love of  learning.

Our specials are:
      Monday - Computer, Science Lab
      Tuesday - Gym
       Wednesday - Music
                                              Thursday - Art
                                              Friday - Library